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I had this thought about the Law Of Attraction and precognition. Normally you would think that precognition was about having a thought about something before it happened. So you had seen into the future an event that was about to happen, but you had seen it before it happened. This would upset our ideas of the passage of time much the same way as the predictions of Nostradamus can do. There could be occasions though, when the idea attracts the subsequent event. Like if you think of a friend who you haven't seen for years then within hours they telephone or you bump into them in the street.

Fri 6 July 2007

This morning there was a pop-up message on my computer, a fairly rare event what with firewalls and things. This was from the Skype software someone in Canada was requesting contact details with a link to his web-site which is a classic 'make-money-on-the-Internet' page. But the interesting thing is that this event could be said to be an example of the Law Of Attraction.
I have never before had a contact from a stranger via Skype and this has been sitting on my computer for a couple of years always connected because my brother and some friends at work use VOIP and we were testing it. I do get emails fairly regularly from places like the 'Rich Jerk' but never before on Skype.


In the Spring of 2011 I decided to build a mirror site of the Thomas Hamilton seance material which had been compiled by Walter Falk at the request of Thomas Hamilton during sessions with mediums who had communicated with the spirit of Thomas Hamilton.

Here I am making no allusion to the continued survival of the human personality after the death of the physical body since I regard this continued existance to be a proven fact. The evidence that I have sifted through over the past 30 years reached a critical point with the study of the Hamilton files, the evidence is there and people who refuse to even consider it are in a greater state of denial than George Bush was.

I am not interested in convincing anyone of the truth of these facts, the purpose of this web-site is to record what I learn about the nature of life and use it as a reference tool

Mick Forster
July 2011


If someone says 'Magic' within my hearing the first thing which comes to mind are images from the Black Magic books of Dennis Wheatley. The Devil Rides out was written in 1934 and Dennis Wheatley was still being interviewed about his warnings of danger from Black Magic not long before his death in 1977.

So his stories may have reflected contemporary ideas about magic as well as influenced them, either way I grew up as a Roman Catholic with a very healthy respect if not firmly convinced belief in the devil and all his works. The idea being that to meddle with magic was dangerous and not to be attempted. But the 1960's saw the release of many previously censored books and many were far more interesting than D.H.Lawrence's, I was particularly drawn to the works of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The noosphere (perhaps a better description is here.) was the outer shell or onion skin around the Earth, which comes after the biosphere in the process of evolution. Like Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious the Noosphere is a product of mind, of people thinking. So whatever is thought or has been thought is there. Just as all energy is subject to entropic decay so are thoughts, or are they?

Quote from The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

Considering the era in which our author lived, and the nation to which he belonged, he appears to have been somewhat broad in his religious views; for not only does he insist that this sacred system of magic may be attained by any one, whether Jew, Christian, Mahometan, or pagan, but he also continually warns Lamech against the error of changing the religion in which one has been brought up; and he alleges this circumstance as the reason of the occasional failures of the magician Joseph of Paris (the only other person he mentions besides himself and Abra-Melin who was acquainted with this particular system of magic), namely that having been brought up a Christian, he had renounced that faith and become a Jew. At first sight it does not seem clear from the occult point of view what particular occult disadvantage should be attached to such a line of action. But we must remember, that in his age, the conversion to another religion invariably meant an absolute, solemn and thorough renunciation and denial of any truth in the religion previously professed by the convert. Herein would be the danger, because whatever the errors, corruption, or mistakes in any particular form of religion, all are based on and descended from the acknowledgment of supreme divine powers. Therefore to deny any religion (instead of only abjuring the mistaken or erroneous parts thereof) would be equivalent to denying formally and ceremonially the truths on which it was originally founded; so that whenever a person having once done this should begin to practise the operations of the Sacred Magic, he would find himself compelled to affirm with his whole will-force those very formulas which he had at one time magically and ceremonially (though ignorantly) denied; and whenever he attempted to do this, the occult Law of Reaction would raise as a ceremonial obstacle against the effect which he should wish to produce, the memory of that ceremonial denial which his previous renunciation had firmly sealed in his atmosphere. And the force of this would be in exact proportion to the manner and degree in which he had renounced his former creed. For of all hindrances to magical action, the very greatest and most fatal is unbelief, for it checks and stops the action of the will. Even in the commonest natural operations we see this. No child could learn to walk, no student could assimilate the formulas of any science, were the impracticability and impossibility of so doing the first thing in his mind. Wherefore it is that all adepts and great teachers of religion and of magic have invariably insisted on the necessity of faith.

The Secret

Ben had this new DVD a few weeks ago. It was Thursday June 21st that I watched it. It did bring me to tears of joy, but why?

Lets go back to the first time I read David Conway's book on Ritual Magic way back in 1972 or thereabouts. I had read Dennis Wheatley's Black Magic backs and been deeply affected by The Devil Rides Out and also the Ka of Gifford Hilary. These stories had a ring of truth and in interview Wheatley had claimed these things were going on in Britain at the time and had been for years. I was always tempted to 'have a go' at ritual magic but basically I think I was too scared of the possible consequences, so I never did. My life after that had always had the search for the truth at a basic level of necessity, I needed to know, so I read and learnt.

Family has made demands but I have always had what we needed if not particularly what I wanted, then again maybe what I wanted too. Even the Land Rover Safari 109" that I had wanted since I was 8 years old came eventually, as well as the travel and family for which I am always grateful.

But the debts have built up and provide occasion regularly for worry, which I would dearly love to remove, (both the debt and the worry). After some years of meetings at Tony's with rare occasions of psychic success and wavering faith and belief in anything supernatural but also a deep knowledge and understanding that there is whatever there is actually there beyond so called normal existence and a sincere desire to know more precisely what, I again acquired a copy of David Conway's book with the intention of practicing some ritual to bring financial security to myself and the family. I read through the book again and even more so than before couldn't bring myself to actually perform the rituals, only this time it wasn't fear that stopped me but more embarrassment and the feeling that this wasn't necessary.

So along came 'The Secret' and it did just like that, it literally was attracted like the One Ring was attracted to the Dark Lord in Lord of The Rings. Over the last couple of weeks I have assimilated a number of articles from their web-site and other material and it's all saying the same thing, that thing which I have known to be since my teens when I first embarked upon this voyage of discovery. Ben had said when I first asked him what it was about that "It's a Secret but you know it already." he was quite right, but the number of different ways you can know the truth of something and still not have it quite right................

So I have a problem with having faith in it. I have always, well often, said that I don't believe in belief. This came about after reading Descartes and the loss of faith in the Catholic Church along with the feeling of being lied to from a very early age by an organization which commanded such devotion from its followers by a systematic instilling of feelings of guilt about anything contrary to their edicts.

For anyone to achieve anything there has to be an initial if not continued 'belief' in their ability to reach their goal, if this falters then the goal is delayed or never reached. This concept is as old as man himself and very well documented even in Catholic writings and is one of the main themes of 'The Secret'. So how does someone who can't believe but can only know get round this problem.

The Secret says just this, that you can have what you want and do what you want by thinking and believing that you can, then things happen and by the Law Of Attraction because you are thinking and believing in these things then you attract them to or the means to get them is attracted to you. This is where I am now, I am trying hard to think in the Certain Way and keep visualizing the Range Rover Sport that I want and driving with Clare to places where I can take photographs of places I want. Also the phrase 'I want to be rich' I am trying to keep in mind and develop the idea or belief that I can be, not easy when any belief doesn't come easy. I have to explore what I think I know and work out how much of that is really belief and held on faith, even if I think I can prove it personally.

Wealth creation

Thinking of the USA and Europe after the War, let alone Japan, where did the wealth come from?
We are led to believe that it all came from America, but where did its wealth come from?
All the money that is kicking around the world today, it didn't grow on trees, did it? Well in fact a lot of it did. A lot of it also came out of the ground and the rest from playing around with these resources. Amazing how much of it comes from just playing with it on its own.
Money is made, yes just manufactured as a means to give a value to everything we have and do.
So its reasonable to suppose that anyone can make it.

Mind, consciousness and what am I?

Started reading Roger Penrose Shadows of the Mind again after a few years. I never seemed to have the time to get into it before. This time I decided to start with part two.

The idea of consciousness as being an inherent part of the material of the universe in an understandable sort of physical way has always seemed a more logical explanation than the God thing, or for that matter than the nothing.

I found this too: Stuart Hameroff's Quantum Consciouness web-site which seems to go along with my thinking.
I often almost regret never having been able to write my thoughts down years ago, let alone having them published.

I recently (February 2008) finished reading the Philip Pullman books His Dark Materials and I was amazed how close the idea of "Dust" was to my current thoughts about consciousness.

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